About us

We are:

  • Suzette Woodward
  • Sarah Garrett
  • David Naylor

We specialise in helping others to keep people safer.

We have all worked in the NHS, some of us for over 40 years, a combination of nursing, management, leadership, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, patient safety, improvement, change, polarity mapping and all sorts of other skills.

We have worked internationally, nationally, regionally and with frontline staff and organisations.  We have affiliations with the Kings Fund, Imperial College, University of West London and more. We regularly help frontline clinical teams work together, particularly in relation to the behaviours that help people work safely and provide specialist workshops for senior leaders and Boards to help develop their patient safety strategy.

Academically, we have a shed load of qualifications and are also authors.  In particular Suzette has written two books; Rethinking Patient Safety and Implementing Patient Safety.

We are all different but when we worked together on the Sign up to Safety Campaign we realised that the combination of our individual unique skills made something quite special.  We are curious, humble, inquiring, kind and respectful.  We are great at connecting ideas and concepts, connecting people and connecting the theory to practical application.

We offer help in relation to topics including patient safety, safety I and safety II, a just culture and the behaviours that get in the way such as incivility and bullying.  We work on these individual areas but believe that all of them are connected in some way to help people work safer.  Threading through this is the way people talk to other and our work enables people to experience different ways in which this can be enhanced while learning about the latest thinking in safety.

You can getting touch via

Suzette’s twitter @suzettewoodward

or send an email to


We will promptly reply so we can talk further.  We like nothing better than sitting down with you over a cup of coffee and helping you think about what you need.