Welcome to our blog site.  We are Cat Harrison, Dane Wiig and Suzette Woodward

Three people who combined have worked in patient safety for over 20 years. We recently led the Sign up to Safety Campaign. We combine patient safety thinking with building the conditions, values and culture to help people work safely.

For us it is all about caring for the people that care.

You can contact us via Suzette on twitter @suzettewoodward and Cat on twitter @CatHarrison4 or via this blog.

The blogs up until ‘Book II’ were written by Suzette Woodward.  In future each blog will be written either by Cat, Dane or Suze and each blog will start with the author’s name so you are clear who is writing what.

The blog will share our learning from Sign up to Safety and our thoughts and ideas as we move on to a new chapter in our lives.  It will also be the main blog site for Suzette’s forthcoming book; Implementing Patient Safety – coming out this summer.