Working Safely

‘It turns out that if you change how people talk, that changes how they think’ Lena Boroditsky, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University Over the last twenty years the subject of patient safety has grown and we have achieved a number of changes in terms of raising awareness of the issues and quantifying the problem.  However […]

Things that get in the way of talking to each other

  How we behave towards each other is the single greatest factor in how well our teams will perform Chris Turner (2017) at the Learning from Excellence Conference Having had the chance to observe many conversations we have come to understand that there are multiple dynamics that get in the way of people talking to each […]

Better Culture, Safer Care – Guest Blog by Matt Hill

#WeLoveSafetyCulture How we are helping to improve safety culture in the SouthWest Guest blog by Matt Hill At the South West Patient Safety Collaborative (SW PSC) hosted by the South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) we do a lot of work around safety culture. We run a programme called Better Culture, Safer Care which […]

Helping people talk to each other – about learning from excellence

The principle type of learning from ‘learning from excellence’ is the same as the learning we experience from any type of feedback.  The main difference is that it is exclusively positive feedback – an extremely rare phenomenon in today’s NHS. Adrian Plunkett (2016) I’m really looking forward to spending this coming Thursday surrounded by positivity and people […]

Helping people talk to each other – about social movements, reimagining a world that is a better place

[this is adapted from the original blog that was written for a Melting Pot Lunch at*]  “join something, start something and sharpen each other, so that we all can rise.” Opal Tometi (2016) Today, one photo, a single email or a simple hashtag can launch a worldwide movement. Just three words can be all […]