Month: May 2018

What is a safety culture?


I remember when I first started as a nurse and learning about the intricacies of caring for patients when one of the nurses who was supervising me said about a particular task; ‘this is the way we do it round here, you might go to the ward next door and they do it slightly differently but ‘this is the way we do it round here’.  This phrase has been used time and time again during my […]

The way we work


In order to develop a more proactive approach to preventing harm and improving the safety of patient care there is a need to understand how people actually work.  Steven Shorrock writes eloquently on the subject and describes the different ways people work (Shorrock 2016, Shorrock 2017). Shorrock proposes that there is a difference or a gap in relation to how people think that work is done and how work is actually done. He suggests that […]