Month: November 2016

A tale of two births


Guest Blog – Afni Shah-Hamilton Please welcome our guest blogger, Afni Shah-Hamilton.  Afni graduated from University College London in Podiatry BSC (Hons) and completed her master´s degree at Kings College London. She has years of experience in biomechanical problems of the lower leg, specialist knowledge on how diabetes and cancer treatments affect the feet and how to treat ulceration and has seen and treated hundreds of common problems like athlete´s foot and verrucae.  Afni has also been […]

Campaign Kitchen


The campaign just recently attended Patient First conference where we held a Campaign Kitchen.  We had hundreds of visitors to our kitchen, enticed by cake but also enticed by the ability just to sit down and have a conversation with someone about their work, the highs and the lows and what we might be able to help in terms of just listening, or provide some ideas or advice or create connections with other people doing […]