Month: June 2018

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – First Report


The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has published its first report .  The investigation was triggered by a failure to correctly check hip prostheses for a 62 year old man, Mr John Hampton. The report is excellent and with this the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch have set the bar high for the quality of their work. It is one of the best investigation reports I have ever read.  It is clear, detailed and easy to read and beautifully describes […]

Joy and happiness


There is a lot of talk these days about creating ‘joy at work’. Why this growing interest in the study of joy ? What is the difference between joy and happiness? What does it have to do with helping people work safely (patient safety)? We all talk about happiness and mostly know it when we experience it, but we lack a coherent definition.  Searching the definition of joy the dictionary states ‘a feeling of great pleasure and […]

Risky Behaviour


Design a bad system and it will lead to an increased rate of human error and an increased rate of at risk or risky behaviour David Marx What do we mean by risky behaviour? Risky behaviour is a choice that comes with risks.  It could be a deviation from a rule or procedure, it could be that it is easier to deviate from the required behaviour.  Some refer to this kind of behaviour as violation or simply cutting […]