Month: April 2015

Learning from the 1000 lives campaign


Exploring the role of communications in quality improvement Campaigning has often been thought of as not particular scientific or credible when it comes to evidence based interventions for change. There is also a paucity of articles or books to help with designing and implementing campaigns which relate to improving quality improvement. The application of communication theories to campaigning has only recently emerged as an effective mechanism by which we can change behaviour, attitudes and values […]

20 things you can learn from campaigning


I recently attended a day with Chris Rose (Reference: Rose, C., How to win campaigns; communications for change Second Ed. 2010, Earthscan, London) I have posted most of these on twitter but also wanted to share the top 20 things I learnt that day: Don’t drown people in too much information Talk about what you want to happen not what you think People change when they understand whatis needed Provide visual or physical evidence to show people […]

Creating a Just Culture


“The single greatest impediment to error prevention is that we punish people for making mistakes” Dr Lucian Leape – 12 October 1997 “People make errors, which lead to accidents. Accidents lead to deaths. The standard solution is to blame the people involved. If we find out who made the errors and punish them, we solve the problem, right? Wrong. The problem is seldom the fault of an individual; it is the fault of the system. […]