Month: July 2018

Role modelling isn’t just for leaders


In the third of my trilogy on ‘joy’ I will explore the things that everyone can do.  As it says in the title, role modelling isn’t just for leaders.  Firstly, everyone has the ability to be a leader no matter where your role sits within the hierarchy or structure.  Secondly we can all role model the behaviours we want to see in others including joy. Similar to our @signuptosafety twitter campaign #kind2018, there are some really […]

Joyful leadership


Every profession including healthcare has its great leaders; charismatic, high profile, some even adored. But they are not the only great leaders.  Some great leaders are humble, kind, respectful and quietly making the world a better place. Most people, most of the time are neither saving the world nor exploiting it. [Badaracco] The NHS is filled with leaders at all levels of the service making decisions every single moment of the day – the sum of which are […]