Month: December 2018



Carl Horsley wrote on twitter just the other day… It’s not about Safety II or even safety, really. It’s bigger than that. It’s about how we work. And it touches on leadership, teams, quality, safety, staff and patient experience. Everything Over the last five years a small group of us have had the privilege of working on the Sign up to Safety campaign. Previous campaigns had focused on disseminating interventions related to individual area of […]

My work as done


As each placement progressed and as each year passed by I became more and more skilled as a nurse. I learnt by watching and working with some fantastic role models. I learnt to work with multiple different teams and then to lead them. I learnt by doing things over and over again, getting better and better at them slowly and incrementally. I learnt how to do some technical stuff I never imagined I would ever […]

Working safely and competence


Too often I get a question from the audience which goes a little like this … “It’s all very well all this being kind to one another but what can we do about the people who are useless or lazy or unsafe..” Now I would argue that it is being kind if we help those people deemed ‘incompetent’ or lazy to find something or somewhere that suits their skill set more. It is also being […]