Rethinking Patient Safety – Conclusion

The book has made the case for going back to basics for revising the very foundations of risk and patient safety. The end of the book is therefore also the beginning of the next stage of our work in patient safety.

I have had the privilege of working in the NHS for over 35 years and worked with the most wonderful people.  None more so than the team who have worked on the Sign up to Safety Campaign.

It is through our working together, exploring, experimenting, challenging each other and the status quo that we believe we can finally see what we might want to do or where we now should be focusing.

Our work together is helping us move into the era of profound simplicity.  Helping us think and act differently.   Helping us develop relationships that are truly enhancing our conversations.

Our profoundly simple approach is to build a culture of safety that is built upon helping people to talk to each other.  A vital ingredient of which is a culture of kindness.

We have one very simple premise; that if we get this right we will go a long way to transforming the safety for future patients and those that care for them.

The work continues.

The campaign will continue to share what we are learning.

Book number two is already on its way.

Thank you for reading so far.