Book II

Very excited to share that my second book ‘Implementing Patient Safety’ is nearly finished. This is the second book I have written focusing on patient safety. The first book, Rethinking patient Safety documented the thinking of leading experts in safety. It was called ‘rethinking’ patient safety because while it has widespread recognition across healthcare and there […]


Carl Horsley wrote on twitter just the other day… It’s not about Safety II or even safety, really. It’s bigger than that. It’s about how we work. And it touches on leadership, teams, quality, safety, staff and patient experience. Everything Over the last five years a small group of us have had the privilege of […]

Joyful leadership

Every profession including healthcare has its great leaders; charismatic, high profile, some even adored. But they are not the only great leaders.  Some great leaders are humble, kind, respectful and quietly making the world a better place. Most people, most of the time are neither saving the world nor exploiting it. [Badaracco] The NHS is filled […]

Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – First Report

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has published its first report .  The investigation was triggered by a failure to correctly check hip prostheses for a 62 year old man, Mr John Hampton. The report is excellent and with this the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch have set the bar high for the quality of their work. It is […]