My mum and I spent a small fortune one year in buying online what we considered were the most beautiful plants for her garden.  They arrived tiny and frail but full of promise, we had even proudly drawn up a garden design for where they would go in the particular border we wanted to improve. […]


I am delighted to share the following guest blog by the lovely Amy Overend. Kindness, it seems like a simple notion doesn’t it?  A simple way of telling another struggling soul that there is love, hope and happiness to be found in the world. More often than not nowadays kindness seems to be in short supply.  The […]

Book II

Very excited to share that my second book ‘Implementing Patient Safety’ is nearly finished. This is the second book I have written focusing on patient safety. The first book, Rethinking patient Safety documented the thinking of leading experts in safety. It was called ‘rethinking’ patient safety because while it has widespread recognition across healthcare and there […]