Implementing Patient Safety

My second book came out on 10 October 2019, I cannot believe where the time has gone.  I wrote my first book Rethinking Patient Safety but still had so much more to say and wanted to share the learning from the last five years working on the Sign up to Safety campaign.

So during our last two years of the campaign I set about writing my second book.  I love writing and I find the research that goes with writing a book really helps what you are doing as you write it – a kind of real time learning – which in turn improves what I write in the book.  I test out the thinking and the concepts when talking to and working with frontline staff which gives me the confidence to say what I say.  For me my work has always needed a grounding in the evidence so that it isn’t just me saying it or it isn’t backed up in some way by research, other books or presentations.

Implementing Patient Safety is really much more about people – it is about how we help people work safely by addressing the culture, conditions and values in healthcare.  The ultimate line is ‘we can only have safer care if we care for those that care for patients’.

In this blog I am going to share information from the book but also provide additional content that builds on the content – this is a relatively fast moving space so there is always more to say.  At the same time I will be researching for my third book and will be able to share with you some insights into what that will include.

I hope that you will find it helpful and enjoy the blog posts over the coming weeks and months.

Click on the link for the book here