Implementing Patient Safety


Suzette here.

Second book has gone to the publisher. It’s going to be called Implementing Patient Safety.

I have combined the thinking of safety II with complexity science and new ideas in relation to helping people work safely.

I have then proposed how there are 5 things we have to do now:

  1. Create a balanced approach to safety
  2. Urgently address the culture of in civility and blame
  3. Build a restorative just culture
  4. Value the values of kindness, empathy, appreciation and gratitude
  5. Care for the people that care and bring joy to their lives as well as care for their wellbeing

I will let you know when it is published.

The Author

We are Cat Harrison, Dane Wiig and Suzette Woodward - three people who are passionate about patient safety and caring for the people that care.