Kitchen Tables.. why?

Its Kitchen table week from next Monday!!!

How exciting is that.  Here are some quick key points for you to think about what you are trying to achieve.

‘Your kitchen table could help you……

  • Find out from your staff how your organisation could be better at listening
  • Bring people together from different parts of the organisation working on different things to share experiences and insight
  • Bring people together to share what they think works really well when they care for patients so that we can start to make the transition from Safety I to Safety II a reality
  • Reach out to people who may not normally be included in the conversation like porters and catering staff to find out what they know about keeping people safer
  • Talk to each other about how you think your corporate objectives relate to working safely
  • Take a moment to reflect together on what you are doing now in your safety work and what you wish for the future
  • Share ideas for steps you can all take that are free and don’t need permission but can make all the difference in building positive relationships and a strong safety culture; our website is full of them!
  • Reach those who find it difficult to take time to connect by going to them. Many of last year’s kitchen tables were really kitchen trolleys!

What matters is helping people feel welcomed, heard, listened to and understood.