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Suze here…

Just a quick update on what I am up to.

I am currently working with the Department of Health and Social Care exploring the challenges and potential changes that could be made in relation to the response to complaints and concerns and when things go wrong.  Exploring how we might do things differently for patients, staff and organisations.  It feels a wonderful way to share and embed the learning from the last five years of Sign up to Safety.

Also – another way of sharing the learning can be found in my second book – Implementing Patient Safety: Addressing Culture, Conditions, and Values to Help People Work Safely.  The paperback, with the beautiful cover my lovely publishers have put together.. will be out on 10 Sep 2019 Amazon link


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  1. Good to see more emphasis being put on how to overcome the challenges that care-practitioners and organisations face on a daily basis, and communication in particular. Personally, I’m concentrating on similar efforts across our health- and social-care sector, and how we could see significant improvement if we provide everyone across a health and social-care partnership with a common communication and staff-engagement platform; presently, while some NHS Trusts operate a system like DATIX for raising concerns, others prefer another methodology, while employees in local government, and social-care providers have no suitable platform. Addressing this issue could be critical to making partnerships more efficient and effective in how they provide care. We have a suitable platform, already performing this function in an increasing number of Trusts and SCP; the next challenge is to bring the partners together on the same page.

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