Month: July 2017

Chapter 6 Learning or counting


Chapter 6 explores our current approach to incident reporting. One autumn day in 2015 I came across a webinar titled; Patient Safety after 15 years: disappointments, successes, and what’s on the horizon.  Dr Kaveh Shojania set the context by providing an overview of the past fifteen years of the patient safety movement from ‘To err is human’ (1999) to the current day.  During the webinar, Shojania was talking about incident reporting when he said, ‘incident […]

Chapter 5 The right culture for safety


Welcome back everyone.  This is taster for Chapter 5 of the book Rethinking Patient Safety.  Also… while I am writing, a bit of an update for you all… the publishers have commissioned a second book which will build on this one and focus on helping the reader implement the thinking in the first one. Exciting times. Back to the Chapter… Chapter 5 is all about culture; a hard thing to really capture but something that […]