Rethinking Patient Safety Blog Series

A quick introduction to the Rethinking Patient Safety Blog Series.

In 2016 I took 6 months to write a book .. well actually I took 20 years in a way, because the book was based on my thoughts, feelings and reflections of  the world of patient safety for the last two decades.

Over the next set of blogs I will share snippets from each chapter and also add further reflections on each chapter, as in all things in life, learning never stands still.

At the end of the blog series I will also let you know my thoughts and ideas for the next book.  Yes – exciting for me, there is going to be a second book which will build on rethinking patient safety and am currently writing the outline for the publishers.

I hope that you will find this series helpful – for those that have not bought the book it will provide you with insights and hopefully will stimulate your thinking.  For those of you who have bought the book I hope you will enjoy the additional reflections that enhance your reading further.