Month: July 2016



9th April 2014 – the day I met Kate Granger. I can remember this because I still have her direct message on twitter telling me she ‘would love to meet up’. I had known her for a few years before that as twitter friends and was really excited to actually see her for real!  She was everything I thought she would be.  She had a quiet conviction about her, she was really warm with the most beautiful smile.  We tried to have lunch […]

How we behave matters


Why is Sign up to Safety different from most top down initiatives? First we are not a top down initiative but a genuine attempt at behaving differently.  We truly believe in locally owned, self directed safety improvement.  I was reading the insightful (and must read) piece ‘Thoughts of a newcomer’ by Marcus Powell (you can find on the Kings Fund website…. ) … reminds me that; You are the people who know your business […]

The James Reason Lecture


It was an absolute honour and joy to deliver the James Reason Lecture for 2016 at the Patient Safety Congress on what was the 68th Birthday of the NHS and in the very city in which the first NHS patient was treated. Over the last 25 years Jim has helped rewrite critical assumptions about human error and patient safety. He is an undisputed master and has a unique way of helping us understand what can and […]