2020 vision

There are some new clues that will help us see more clearly about what is happening with patient safety at a national level…

The vision for 2020 via Mike Durkin via twitter is:

  • Increase our understanding of what goes wrong in healthcare i.e. capture incidents and learn from investigations at a national level – these are via the new Patient Safety Incident Management System and the new Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch – ooh … two new acronyms

    an NSIMS that replaces the NRLS and an HSIB

  • Enhance the capability and capacity of the NHS to improve safety i.e. support and fund the patient safety collaboratives and the Q initiative
  • Tackle the major underlying barriers to widespread safety improvement

Sign up to Safety will add value to this vision by:

  • Increase understanding locally of what goes wrong through a focus on facilitated safety conversations
  • Enhancing capability and capacity by sharing connections, products, learning and ideas across our membership
  • Tackling the major underlying barriers to widespread safety improvement by steering people away from dealing with one harm at a time to addressing the cross cutting human and system factors and to focus on implementation as much as improvement

Looking forward to further clarity …. watch this space (too many vision/sight references?)