Month: January 2016

SU2S, Ten design principles


Sign up to Safety – Ten Design Principles   Doing a few things well; Successful campaigns focus everyone’s efforts on a few things, doing them well and fixing them before moving on. Organise for impact; Campaigning, change programmes and safety interventions require organising and organisers. Campaigns are highly energised, intensely focused on buliding a campaign community, bringing people and ideas together and motivating participation and action. A sense of urgency; We provide information that helps people understand […]

A positive culture in the NHS


The case for a positive culture Improving patient safety in the UK requires change in many different areas, including a change in the culture within the NHS.   A positive safety culture is where staff within an organisation have a constant and active awareness of the potential for things to go wrong, they can share information openly and freely, and are treated fairly when an incident happens. This is vital for both the safety of patients and […]