Month: November 2015

No room for high horses


A small group of us have been working together at HQ Sign up to Safety for the last year.  Together we have found meaning, even joy, in working on a common purpose together.  These are the insights, the things we are noticing that are different from the work each of us has done before: Locally owned self directed safety improvement really does trump top down initiatives Helping people work on things that matter to them is vital; there […]

Brief encounter


Moving on from Huddles to briefing and debriefing…. Briefings are short gatherings at the beginning of either a day, a shift, a clinic or session; basically any duration of event or time that involves working as a team.  They can also be before an action such as the removal of a central line or naso-gastric tube, at the start of a conference or at the beginning and end of training sessiona.  They dont have to be […]

To huddle or not to huddle


The huddle concept is not new.  Many organisations and teams have tried this out and either succeeded or failed.  Huddles take a variety of formats and are used for a variety of purposes. Make them brief – 5 to 10 minutes Know when to make them multi-disciplinary or uni-disciplinary Challenges include: getting everyone to stop what they are doing and gather into a huddle viewing the huddle as yet another task that takes you away […]