Re(think) patient safety series

The National Patient Safety Foundation in the US has commissioned an expert panel to assess the state of the patient safety field and to produce a report that would set the stage for the next 15 years of work. Tejal Gandhi the CEO of the NPSF announced on their website that they hoped that this would ‘galvanize the field to move forward over the next fifteen years with a unified view of the future of patient safety to create a world where patients and those who care for them are free from avoidable harm’.  If we were to assess the last fifteen years together in order to think about the next fifteen years what do you think we should be doing?  What would our unified view of the future of patient safety be?  I would start with three key areas which this re(think) series will cover:

  1. Creating the learning culture and in particular learning from incident reports and investigations
  2. Embedding the just culture for safety
  3. Identifying the right solutions and closing the implementation gap between theory and practice