Organising for impact

Organising for impact via Sign up to Safety

Campaigning, change programmes and safety interventions require organisation and organisers to create highly energised, but focused actions with specific goals and deadlines.

Sign up to Safety will use the snowflake model. This model shares leadership across the system and does not rely on authority or power, instead it is a web (or snowflake) of interdependent organisers and leaders who support others in becoming leaders (Ref: M Ganz).

For Ganz, this is the difference between leadership as a position, and leadership as a practice, it’s about accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose under conditions of uncertainty.

The campaign will have a central hub of organisers which are connected to four regional hubs, all of which will develop the relationships, motivate participation, strategise, and motivate people to act.   In order to create the unified feel to the English Patient Safety Programme the campaign community will connect the safety leads from participant sites together with the safety leads of the patient safety collaboratives.

The regional hubs will work alongside the AHSNs and be coordinated by the campaign and build a shared understanding of what we are trying to achieve with a sense of urgency, hope and solidarity that challenges feelings of inertia and apathy. We will empower people to take the responsibility to act. The campaign hubs will create the campaign community, bringing people together, building on current networks and creating new ones, guided towards a vision and goal for reducing avoidable harm by half and saving 6000 lives.

Sign up to Safety will use an innovative approach to creating an extended campaign team linked to the regional hubs. The London Olympics presented the concept of volunteering in a new light and showed just how much can be achieved by a group of committed individuals working towards a shared goal. With lessons from the Games Makers, the campaign will work with the NHS Care Makers, and NHS Change Day Hubbies to create safety volunteers as part of its virtual campaign team.