Organising for impact

Organising for impact via Sign up to Safety Campaigning, change programmes and safety interventions require organisation and organisers to create highly energised, but focused actions with specific goals and deadlines. Sign up to Safety will use the snowflake model. This model shares leadership across the system and does not rely on authority or power, instead […]

Designing a patient safety campaign

We have a name – Sign up to Safety We have a website – So where do you start.  What are the design principles for a national patient safety campaign?  With a clear goal of reducing harm and saving lives, each of these will be relevant: Create the right culture Ensure we represent the patient voice Simplicity and […]

A unified english patient safety ‘programme’

The NHS in England is a unified system with the ability to make systematic change on a national scale. However, it is also made up of a number of autonomous bodies in relation to patient safety, including national ones, with various responsibilities for provision, commissioning, assurance, leadership, regulation and supervision.  Following on from the outstanding […]


A friend asked me to sum up my new job on one word.  I said Joyful.  So I thought I would share some of that joy by doing a series of blogs to share what we are learning and how things are progressing from a single idea to a national campaign for England, Sign up to Safety; [] […]